Monday, 12 October 2020

E-Health Paharmacies Franchise | e-Health CEO Shiva Naidu Founder |eHealth Hyderabad | eHealth Pharmacy in Andhra Pradesh Telengana India

                                                  eHealth Pharmacies Franchise Hyderabad

E-health organization operates in the franchise model. The main reason for Mr.Shiva Naidu CEO Founder eHealth Hyderabad in Andhra Telangana in moving forward IndiaMost Indians end up at the pharmacy for an over the counter medication without consulting the doctor or any prescription for normal ailments like cold, cough or fever. We somehow developed the misconception that the employee in a medical shop prescribes medicines at par with an experienced doctor. The employees at a pharmacy, I am deliberately using the word employee rather than a pharmacist because most pharmacies in India run without a pharmacist. The employees just handover the medicine whatever they think is right with the intention that they are serving the customer but do not realize that they are doing a criminal disservice to the patients.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

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